Human Resource Management मानव संसाधन प्रबंधन by Dr. F.C. Sharma Anju Agarwal for various universities in India – SBPD Publications

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SYLLABUS Unit-I :Human Resource Management : Concept and Functions, Role, Status and Competencies of HR Manager, HR Policies, Evolution of HRM, Emerging Challenges of Human Resource Management; Work Force Diversity, Empowerment, Downsizing, VRS; HR Information System. Unit-II :Acquisition of HR, Human Resource Planning, Quantitative and Qualitative Dimensions; Job Analysis-Job Description and Job Specification, Recruitment-Concept and Sources; Selection-Concept and Process; Test and Interview; Placement Induction. Unit-III : Training and Development; Concept and Importance, Identifying Training and Development Needs; Designing Training Programme; Role Specific and Competency, Management Development; Career Development. Unit-IV:Performance Appraisal : Nature and Objectives; Modern Techniques of Performance Appraisal, Potential Appraisal and Employee Counselling; Job Changes–Transfers and Promotions. Compensation; Concept and Policies, Job Evaluation; Methods of Wage Payment and Incentive Plans; Fringe Benefits; Performance Linked Compensation. Unit-V :Maintenance; Employee Health and Safety, Employee Welfare, Social Security, Employer-Employee Relations-an Overview, Grievance Handling and Redressal Industrial Disputes, Causes and Settlement machinery. CONTENTS 1. Introduction to Human Resource Management, 2. Human Resource Policies, Procedures and Programmes, 3. Challenges of HRM : Work force Diversity, Empower-ment, Downsizing, VRS and HR Information System, 4. Human Resource Planning, 5. Job Analysis, Description and Specification, 6. Recruitment, 7. Selection : Test and Interview, 8. Placement, Induction and Rightsizing, 9. Employee Training, 10. Management (Executive) Development, 11. Career Planning and Development, 12. Performance Appraisal, 13. Job Changes : Transfer, Promotion and Demotions, 14. Employee Compensation, 15. Job Evaluation, 16. Employee Health and Safety, 17. Employee Welfare, 18. Grievance Handling and Redressal Industrial Disputes

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