FAMILY BUSINESS IN INDIA: A National Asset that needs to Professionalize

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(as of Nov 27,2021 10:39:32 UTC – Details)

“Most of my clients are well educated, run good businesses with good potential, and are serious about improving the way they manage their business. As multi-generational multiple families, they have a basic desire to stay together and therefore seek my assistance. Since they are all experienced businessmen in a competitive world, and their time is precious, they are also clear that I must deliver value. And, to me, delivering value is to create a positive family business governance structure that also simultaneously improves business performance and results.”

1. “According to Raju Swamy, a capable and committed next generation that aligns and multiplies the vision of the previous generation is the most important legacy a Family Business can have. His focus is on achieving continuous profitable growth through ‘professionalism’ in the management of family-owned businesses. Ultimately, this developmental strategy across generations can increase the longevity of the family business.” 

Jayanti Meghjibhai Patel, Executive Chairman, Meghmani Organics Ltd., Ahmedabad, India

2. “With Raju’s help and leaning on his three-plus decades of rich, ground-level learnings in this field, our family business was able to find the balance between the older generation and the new. It is his distinctive understanding in not only absorbing unconventional challenges that exist, but in also maneuvering a way through these challenges that matter to a Family Business leader.” 

V.K. Surendra, Chairman, VST Group, Bangalore, India

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