Constac® for Mild Constipation – Mild, Safe, Clinically Proven Ayurvedic Granules 100g

Price: ₹ 250.00
(as of May 07,2021 01:22:24 UTC – Details)

Constac is a Mild Ayurvedic Laxative which has been scientifically developed, uniquely processed (patent pending), clinically proven and found effective by several doctors and thousands of patients in the treatment of mild to moderate form of constipation and its symptoms like acidity and gas. It can be regularly taken by the patient for both prevention and treatment of mild to moderate constipation and its symptoms.

Scientifically Developed: For the first time scientifically developed Ayurvedic formulations in two variants – Constac for mild constipation and Constac Plus for chronic constipation. This offers a suitable treatment option for patients depending upon the severity of their constipation. The medicines are developed in collaboration with India’s leading Proctology Hospital (which specializes in the treatment of constipation and anorectal diseases).
Uniquely Processed: Constac has undergone unique processing for targeted and desired action on mild constipation and its symptoms – Applied for Patent.
Clinically Proven: Constac has clinically proven results with clinical efficacy studies published in world-renowned, peer-reviewed International Ayurvedic Journals.
Refreshing and Communicative Packaging: To “begin healing with a good feeling.”

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